Hi. I’m Natalie.

Thanks for stopping by. You can learn a little more about me in my bio below, and you can find my blogs in the above menu. Enjoy!

Deep down I’ve got a little (southern) girl inside of me who grew up drinking sweet tea, saying yes and no ma’am, watching Auburn football and Andy Griffith. Some of the most forming years of my life were spent in the North West where my family moved to church plant. Here I learned the value of deep and honest thinking and the beauty of diversity and genuine people. I’ve also got a strange mix of Mid-western in me after moving to South Dakota my senior year of High School. Here I acquired an enjoyment of hiking, outdoor ice skating, and riding a motorcycle through the beautiful Black Hills. This is also where I met my favorite person, who a few years later became my husband.

Together we’ve built a life and a family in Louisville KY and are now living just across the river in the cute little town of New Albany, IN.

My simple joys in life are family dance parties in the kitchen, driving with the windows down, the smell of a coffee shop, and the taste of Mountain Dew.

My sins are many, His more is more


Thanks for joining me as I embark upon this mind-bloggling world.

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