Hi. I’m Natalie.

I’m glad you stopped by. I hope that if you stay for a bit some of my words will meet you with solidarity and leave you encouraged and challenged.


About Me: My Southern roots mean that tea is sweet, Saturday is for football, and manners matter. My Northwestern upbringing impressed upon me the value of deep and honest thinking and the beauty of diversity. And my Midwestern mix taught me the misery that cold can be and the adventure that the outdoors can provide. It was also here, in the sneaky state of South Dakota, that I met my favorite person who would later become my husband.

You would now find us, along with our two kids, in a little house that sits in New Albany Indiana. Our hearts are made up of many homes, and this has certainly become one of them

Thanks for joining me as I try to put some words to this unexpected, weird, thrilling, and mundane thing we all call life.


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